Episode 52: Sacred Geometry with Randall Carlson

Episode 52 of Out There Radio features an interview with Randall Carlson. Randall is the founder of Sacred Geometry International, and is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Freemasons in the Atlanta area. Randall is an experienced home-builder, and a leading expert on esotericism, archaeo-astronomy, and catastrophism.

Co-hosts Raymond Wiley and Austin Gandy also discuss their experiences at Infusion Festivals, and their constant battle with equipment malfunctions over the past two weeks.

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This music video ala Donald Fagen will put you right in the cold war nuclear mindset that so many of our podcasts evoke.

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One of the great highlights from the time we spent with Disinformation was our podcast interview with Alan Moore.  Listen to it here, in its entirety.

We’ll be releasing our first premium episode tomorrow, it’s about The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument. For a preview, check out Raymond’s video tour of the Stones.

What is Sacred Geometry - Episode 52 Preview

Episode 52 guest Randall Carlson introduces the audience to the key concepts and themes of Sacred Geometry.

This 1970 documentary film by Ray Laurent profiles the Church of Satan and its founder, Anton LaVey.

Satanis: The Devil’s Mass features footage of church rituals, interviews with church members and, of course, plenty of LaVey monologues, explaining what Satanic philosophy is all about. We hear some of LaVey’s spooky organ playing and get a tour of his art collection — including a peek at LaVey’s own work.

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Alex Jones and the DMT elves…  Read more at Out There Radio.

Alex Jones and the DMT elves…  Read more at Out There Radio.

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